SharpEDG employs cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices to design, develop, and integrate innovative solutions to address the complex and dynamic challenges of our federal and commercial clients. As a ‘quality-centric’ company, our focus is always on exceptional performance, continuous process improvement, and high-quality service delivery.

At SharpEDG, we prioritize “strategic integration” to ensure an optimal solution to meet our clients’ requirements at both the executive enterprise and program levels, and through incorporating relevant IT needs. SharpEDG provides professional services to our clients by utilizing our robust suite of resources and professional expertise.



SharpEDG optimizes enterprise performance through the alignment of business strategies and technology solutions. Our goal is to help your enterprise achieve a competitive and strategic advantage through the integration of innovation with business process improvement, organizational risk management, performance-based monitoring and reporting, policy and regulatory compliance, and operational planning:

  •  Comprehensive assessments to improve organizational design and enhance business processes

  • Strategic facilitation and planning to ensure you are meeting established goals and objectives

  • Integration of technology capabilities with business processes, governance, knowledge management, data management, performance-based monitoring, and reporting.



SharpEDG transforms your enterprise through the precise delivery and integration of business and technical services and solutions to include design, development, deployment, and operation. We offer a business and technical delivery approach in accordance with established regulations, data and security control standards, health and safety standards, compliance and governance requirements, and industry best practices.

  • Planning, management, and execution at scale. Augment project planning and implementation due to ongoing shifts in agency/company priorities and/or legislation.

  • Leverage industry experts with technical knowledge for capital and budget planning, business development, business process improvement, data management, and business forecasting acumen.

  • Execute tangible outcomes with relentless precision to achieve corporate vision and goals.



SharpEDG leverages industry experts to provide mission support through advisory guidance and oversight of integrated business processes and technology capabilities. We provide organizational risk management (business and technical), continuous monitoring and evaluation of outcomes, regulatory and compliance, quality control and assurance, capital and budget planning, and business forecasting acumen.